The Shoulders of Giants

There's a moment in a person's life where things just click. That happened to me when I first met voice actor Rob Paulsen. Since that first meeting in 2011 I've been honing and practicing the craft of voice acting. After years of practice and situating myself in a position where I can pursue my passions, it's time to reveal myself to others. It's an exciting time. My experiences in the film industry behind the camera have been invaluable and remind me that as an actor, it takes an army of friends and professionals to round out an actor and help make them who they are. That's why below I'll share some of what I've done but really look at the people who have helped me along the way. They're my heroes and friends who I owe more than I can repay.
  • SAIC : where earning a BFA in Film couldn't have been better
  • Acting Studio Chicago : Jack Bronis taught me how to take direction
  • USC : Daniele Suissa brought me to Warner Bros and taught me the importance of how to break down a story into its most crucial elements
  • Chris Emmons : who gave me my first role in a short film. We both didn't realize how important that was.
  • Rob Paulsen : who, just by talking to me for 5 minutes, changed my life in a way I still don't fully comprehend.
  • Ella Kromin : who's leading me by the hand into the world of opera. A world I thought untouchable.
The people and places above were the ones who influenced me the most over the years, and who I hope to see again. But the future lies ahead and so many opportunities are there to grasp. To act, is to allow a cadence of emotion to flow from you and wash over the audience. In voice acting, I feel purest in that pursuit. As more opportunities come, then more will be added to this bio. But until then I urge you to join me on the journey. Here, you'll see a more colorful bio of myself, but I wanted to first introduce myself by introducing those who have helped me the most on this path.

Best Wishes,

Ricky Key